Big Box Vs Boutique Brokerages: Why Working with a Boutique Brokerage is the Better Choice.

Listing your home for sale is one of the biggest decisions in a lifetime. Some people do it more frequently than others and have experience, some people do not.

Either way, it is something that should not be taken lightly. Deciding who to trust with selling your home could make a difference in how quickly it gets sold, how much money you net and the quality of your experience from the services you receive.

Big Box Vs Boutique: Bigger Isn’t Better

Sure, when you look at the bigger Franchise Companies that have 25 or more agents, you may think that you are getting a better deal because more agents mean more people to sell your home.  Realistically, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Bigger does not mean better.

Comparing the overall numbers of a big box agency, like the Berkshire Hathaway, The Keller Williams and the larger Re/Max Franchisees to a smaller independent brokerage like Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty New Jersey is not a REAL reflection of the true picture. Simply, it’s not comparing apples to apples.

So when an agent from a big box agency says they are #1 and shows their numbers as their entire office, you’re not seeing their individual numbers, you’re seeing their office’s numbers of 50 plus agents.  When you hire their one agent, you don’t get the entire office working for you.

The truth is more independent agents mean more competition within the office.  Each agent is an individual working for their own goals.  Sure, there are teams out there, but even those teams are competing with the other teams within their offices.

You may ask; “What’s wrong with a little healthy competition?” Here is the issue: There is no spirit of cooperation. Agents want to sell their own listings and have a fiduciary responsibility to their own clients.

Every agent has their own idea of quality. Do they use a professional photographer? Do they have a copywriter writing their descriptions? Who is answering the phone at the brokerage? Is it a member of their staff, or are their agents answering on “Floor Time?”  Do they answer their phones and return calls in a timely fashion? These are important questions you need to ask when you are hiring an agent.

For example, an agent at a big box franchise doing “Floor Time” may answer an inquiry for a listing that is not their own listing, by saying “You’re not going to like that home, but I have another home that you’ll love.” If the lead call coming in was originally about your home, that would be a problem.

This scenario happened to a client of mine who was listed with another agency and called his listing office to “secret shop” his listed home. He was so upset and angry when he heard the agent offer him another home rather than the home, his own home, which he called to inquire. He then listed with us and found what a difference our team makes!

Big Box Vs Boutique: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Why Our Boutique Brokerage Is The Better Choice:

You know the old adage: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work? It’s true.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty New Jersey our culture is sharing and our agents work as a team. There is no competition within the group. When you hire Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty New Jersey, you are hiring everyone on MY team. That means ALL of our agents and staff are working for YOU!  Under my leadership, my team works together for a common goal, which is to get your home sold fast, for top dollar with the highest level of service to our customers.  If you’re a buyer, you also get the team working for you, to secure you the home of your dreams!

As a team every agent in my office has a responsibility to our clients. We will always have your best interests in mind.

My team communicates all listings with each other from the moment they secure the listing. They share each other’s buyers’ needs so that they can help get their sellers to those buyers and vice versa.  They are all trained professionals who commit themselves to five star services for all parties involved.

We use the top photographer in the Delaware Valley, ensuring us that we have high quality photos and videos for EVERY PROPERTY WE LIST!  Our Listing Coordinator is a skilled copywriter who writes all our detailed descriptions, painting a beautiful picture of your home with words.  Our Marketing Department makes sure that your property is highly visible to the public and marketed properly.

We have an administrative assistant who answers the phones 9 am-5 pm Monday through Saturday, and an answering service for calls outside of business hours, so your calls, and your potential buyers’ calls are never missed!

Our Inside Sales Associates handle EVERY lead call and make sure that all potential buyers and sellers are paired with a compatible agent from the team and given 5 Star Service. They make sure our clients are always getting everything they need to experience a smooth transaction from start to finish.

We have access to all of the same tools as the big boxes, and MORE!  If you need a list of referrals, we have a running list of Raving Fans who are Clients For Life.

When you are thinking about selling or buying your home, make sure you set up an interview with us. Call us at 856-395-1500. Let us show you our Team and our Comprehensive Marketing Plan unlike any other. You’ll be glad you did!

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